Behind the scenes: Celebrating Women on International Women's Day 2023

We began the workshop with a gentle 10 minute movement and mindfulness warm-up to get us in our bodies and loosen up our minds ready to talk, draw and write about women, feminism, and reasons to celebrate International Women’s Day.

A mother and daughter take photos of their drawings and writing about how they perceive female bodies and what they think are important.

Together, we discussed International Women’s Day and what we thought were the most important topics that needed talking about – and that directly and indirectly affected us as girls and women, aged 15, 31, 45 years old.

Here, we wrote down what we thought feminism was, the major influencers, and people who inspired us.

Celebrate Women was a community project that aimed to elevate and empower girls and women, on International Women’s Day.

This project was supported by SPARKS Safer Streets Campaign and North Devon Council, to celebrate women, and to grow a sense of belonging and community to continue to create safer streets for girls and women.