Wednesday Women

Women of Southampton, we need you! Let's talk all things female at our monthly Wednesday Women conversations.

An image with the text, Wednesday Women - Join the conversation with 12 portraits of female faces

On the first Wednesday of the month, we’ll have conversations to grow a community of women to discuss: What do women’s roles, fears and freedoms look like in our society now? How do we express them? How do we empower each other? We’ll talk about our everyday experiences of feminism, femininity, strength, failure, success, money, freedom, sexuality and courage, to educate and elevate our younger girls and women of all ages.

Who is this for?
Women, girls, non-binary people, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmas & girlfriends. Please bring along your male friends and family: sons, brothers, fathers, grandads, boyfriends & husbands are all welcome!

Covid Safety
As we head toward the colder months, we are encouraging everyone to maintain 1-2m distance. Face masks are optional so please be considerate to those who are more vulnerable.

Gender Policy
Our meetings are inclusive / supportive spaces for all creatives and we welcome any allies to join us in our mission to empower female and non-binary people. We ask all guests to respect the space and each other, and to be sensitive to such topics.

Camera shy?
We will be documenting all events for content for social. This includes quotes from the discussions, audio recordings, photographs and film. If you’d rather not be featured on our social please do let us know by emailing us at

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