Performing Poetry

Performing at Mothers on the Mic

Mothers on the Mic is one of the brilliant events created and run by Lizzy Humber: a relaxed and revolutionary performance space with the m/other of all line-ups.

Here I’m performing my poem I wrote in 2022 called ‘Equity in the UK’, a parody of Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols, that is all about intersectional feminism. A new mum, I’m very passionate about valuing m/others who care for little ones 0-3 years, consciously and monetarily.

This is the lovely group of m/others who attended the 4 week Mothers on the Mic course at Barnstaple Library in January-February 2024, hosted by Lizzy Humber and Kate Massey-Chase, featuring acoustic songs and poetry, with a headline performance by Holly Ebony. The workshops invited us to write about our mothering and birth experiences, and it was so cathartic to share the dark and difficult bits as well as the beautiful and joyful moments in a safe, supported space with understanding and uplifting people who held me, saw me and heard me.

In March, I performed 4 more poems at Exeter Library, one called ‘Blink Nap’ about the notion of collecting all the snippets of broken sleep, to accumulate to something substantial to help feel refreshed.

This is the room in Exeter Library where Lizzy Humber runs these revolutionary Mothers on the Mic mornings, where children are welcome just as they are. My last poem I read was about three generations between my mum, me and my daughter, and the many cliches inspired by two peas in a pod that needs to make room for a third little pea.